- Juveniles -


Juveniles (defined as anyone under the age of 18) are more than welcome to visit Sweetwater, accompanied by a parent or guardian in the restaurant area only, which is the dining area behind the brass curtain. Upon arrival at Sweetwater, our host will direct you to this area if you have a juvenile with you. We strongly recommend bookings are made for this area to avoid disappointment, you can make a booking quickly and easily via our website. 


Our licence does not permit minors in the drinking areas. Juveniles are not permitted to be in the main drinking area of the bar due to our liquor licence conditions (Liquor Control Act 1988 - Section 120 (1)(c)) and to uphold our duty of care, being that we are on the 6th floor.

The only exception to this is rule is when the juvenile is confined to a pram then they are deemed to be in "their own environment" and are allowed in the bar areas during the daytime only.

The juvenile must stay in the pram at all times, for the duration of their visit. If the baby is crying you are able to of course hold them at this time, but babies or toddlers are not able to sit on seats or crawl on the floor etc – they must stay in the pram. Please note that babies will not be permitted in the bar and main drinking area after 6pm.

The owners and management of Sweetwater Rooftop Bar have children of their own and understand that this can be seen as frustrating, however our policy is in place for safety reasons being that we are an adult, rooftop venue on the 6th floor.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and look forward to welcoming you and your family to Sweetwater Rooftop Bar within the guidelines outlined above.